Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Monarchists are the better Democrats
Among the Australian media The Epoch Times is certainly not one of the most important newspapers. With its Falun Gong background and its editorial spearhead against the Chinese Communist Party the weekly is certainly a unique project. On one topic, however, there is no difference to other Australian newspapers and electronic media: It is strongly biased against the Australian Monarchy and in favour of “a” republic.

In his article Republic gets “Thumbs up”, but so does the Queen, author Shar Adams assumes every Australian – or nearly every Australian – would follow the republican bandwagon once an unconstitutional plebiscite with a non-binding vote might be called and “a resulting ‘yes’ vote would then initiate a referendum for 2013 that would decide the model”.

And what, may I ask, if the Australian people will once again vote NO?

There is no plan B.
Republicans - and Shar Adams included – only draw their future ideas in connection with a republic: Professor Clive Bean, head of the School of Humanities at Queensland's University of Technology: "When the process does get under way, one of the most significant factors will be the leadership shown by the Opposition because when we go to a referendum on the matter, which we will have to do at some stage, referendums are easy to defeat if both sides of Parliament aren't in favour of them. With John Howard's departure, the balance of opinion within the hierarchy of the Liberal Party I think will probably be much more in favour of a republic so it may well be that they will get in behind it, but that may well depend on the details for the model and how the process is presented."

And The Epoch Times rejoices: “Leader of the Opposition Brendan Nelson has indicated he will bow to popular consensus, but that he is personally happy keeping things as they are.

The Epoch Times equally presumes times would work in favour of “a” republic, when Major General Jeffery will be replaced in September this year by Australia's first female viceroy, Quentin Bryce, ”who is considered to be a strong supporter of an Australian republic” pretends Shar Adams, ignoring the fact that she is an outspoken supporter of the present Constitutional Monarchy.

Here we go again: two declared Monarchists, Brendan Nelson and Quentin Bryce, are claimed by the republicans. They may not be republicans yet, but who could resist these charming republicans? Or whatever these anti-monarchists think of themselves and their convictions.

Republicans want the whole country therefore cannot tolerate someone being a Monarchist. Of course it is good practice for a democrat to accept a majority rule and a vote in a referendum has to be accepted by every democrat worth that term. Certainly Brendan Nelson would do. But would the republicans accept another referendum that favours the Australian Monarchy? Or let’s put it the other way round: How many chances would Monarchists get should a referendum be won by republicans? Would there be a re-run in ten years time to give the people back the Monarchy should opinion polls show a massive demand for a Monarchy?

You may give the answer yourself.

Even Her Majesty is more of a true democrat than most republicans that publish in the Australian media. In March 2000 Her Majesty said in Australia:

I have always made it clear that the future of the monarchy in Australia is an issue for you, the Australian people, and you alone to decide by democratic and constitutional means. It should not be otherwise.

I shall continue faithfully to serve as Queen of Australia under the Constitution to the very best of my ability, as I have tried to do for the last 48 years. It is my duty to remain true to the interests of Australia and all Australians as we enter the 21st century. That is my duty. It is also my privilege and my pleasure.

Well spoken, Your Majesty.

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