Monday, 19 May 2008

King Constantine II's portrait enjoys a prominent place in the Melburnian home of a Royalist Greek family.

The Greek Royalist Association of Australia
One of the countless republican myths is that the Australian Monarchy is only supported by British immigrants and Anglophile Australians. Nothing could be more wrong than that. Multiculturalism is flourishing among Monarchists in Australia. The motto could be: Join the Monarchist groups and learn about Australia’s diversity!

One example is The Greek Royalist Association of Australia that assembles the loyalist Greeks in Australia. Or as their website says: “An association of Greeks and Philhellenes who support the principle of Monarchy.”

To honour the feast day of Saints Constantine and Helena Greek Royalists – and a couple of Philhellenes – gathered on 18th May 2008 to listen to a talk on ‘His Majesty King Paul and His Legacy’. John Fanarakis, who originates from one of the Dodekanes Islands, remembered his first encounter with King Pavlos (1901-1964) and praised the political stability Greece enjoyed during the King’s 17 years of reign. It came to an abrupt end in 1964 when the King died of lung cancer.

The photo shows King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie dancing with Greek soldiers. The poem is dedicated to "the King over the waters".

This pamphlet is available from the Greek Royalist Association of Australia.

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Cornelius Krissilas said...

Congratulations! Great Portrait of King Constantine! I am a "radical royalist" also from Greece and now I live in Canada,Toronto.God save Elisabeth II Queen of Canada.And God save Constantine II the King of Greece!
P.S.I lived during the reign of King Paul and King Constantine II.Great good times!