Saturday, 9 August 2014

Serbian Crown Prince Alexander II patron of the Album in Memory of our Ancestors in the Great War

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II accepted with great pleasure to be the patron of the project “Album in Memory of our Ancestors in the Great War,” that has been realised by the Association of the Descendants of Serbian Warriors 1912 – 1920.

I am very happy that the Association of descendants of Serbian Warriors 1912 – 1920 initiated such a project during year when we mark beginning of the war that was remembered as the Great War, as a first war that was titled a World War, and that left tragic marks all around the world. History obliges us not to forget this cathartic experience, but to come to sense and start the restitution of general values: love, honour, of historic culture, creativity and above all – humanity. History calls upon us to take personal responsibility for the future of our ancestors, and this project is a great step forward on that path. As the great grandson of His Majesty King Peter I who went through Golgotha of the Great War together with his sons and his people, as my grandfather of HRH Regent Alexander (later His Majesty King Alexander I) who was supreme commander of Serbian Army in World War I, I had the obligation and pleasure to accept to be patron of this very important project”, Crown Prince Alexander emphasised.

French postcard in support of her Serbian ally.
The project “Album in Memory of our Ancestors in the Great War” has the main goal to increase visibility and sustainability of Serbian cultural heritage as an important part of the cultural heritage of European nations at the time of First World War. One of the primary goals is to empower citizens who chose to take part in it to give their personal touch by providing relevant documents and historic sources in marking the Centenary of the First World War.

The creation of this Album will give an opportunity for all to submit online scans of photographs of their ancestors, biographic texts, diaries, medals, letters of soldiers and other materials of importance for Serbian and world history. At the end of the project, 100 chosen photographs will be printed and exhibited at places of historic importance of this period.

Photos and other documents could be submitted via web site where all material collected so far could be seen.

A web portal and data base of materials will be put at the disposal of historians and other professionals for research and other purposes, and we will all have a lasting memory of our ancestors who fought honourably for their freedom.

General goal:

Promotion of European idea of conciliation, remembrance and devotion in the context of commemoration of the First World War. Preservation of Serbian culture and identity as part of European and World cultural heritage. Sustainability of historic and cultural heritage.

Specific goals:

Marking the centenary of the First World War through promotion of Serbian history, development of positive international image, promotion of freedom loving characteristics of Serbian people, and emphasising membership within the European family of nations;

Conciliation through trust building and cooperation with European Union accession process;

Raising awareness on national identity, tradition and Serbian cultural identity;

Encouraging interest among young people in Serbian history;

Promotion of family values;

Strengthening moral values in Serbia society;

Networking between young people in Serbia and their peers in the Diaspora;

Building an Internet data base of photos from the First World War;

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