Thursday, 17 April 2014

Confused republicans

Some republicans are so confused, that they see republics, where there aren't any, see today's letter to the editor of The Age:
Loving the royals and becoming a republic are not mutually exclusive. The republic of Canada, as a member of the Commonwealth, still gets royal visits. However the Australian republic does seem some time away.

I suppose that, by then, Tony Abbott will have left us for the great monarchy in the sky.

Bronwen Murdoch, South Melbourne
Neither in Canada nor in Australia doe the republicans stand a chance to get what they want. Isn't it interesting, that nobody at The Age spotted the mistake? Or did they share the republicans' wishful thinking?

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Drake Heath said...

He's confused by desperation and increasing irrelevance.

I find it funny, they want a republic that still gets royal visits and has all the royal trappings, so what's the point of wanting the republic?