Saturday, 31 August 2013

Survey: Queenslanders love the Australian Monarchy

The Queensland Times chose bizarre headline so report on a positive event: Survey shock: Ipswich loves the Royals
 "Ipswich voters are among the country's most enthusiastic supporters of Australia retaining its ties with the monarchy and not becoming a republic.
"And they are just as passionate about Australia investing more money on defence, and getting tougher on temporary foreign workers and restricting the number of 457 visas issued.

"Those attitudes became clear when the ABC published results of its Vote Compass survey, which measures the responses of 900,000 Australians to a number of propositions.

"The report showcases the electorates where voters are 'most in agreement' and 'least in agreement' with the propositions put forward in the Vote Compass survey.

"Voters in the electorate of Blair ranked ninth in the country in their support for the monarchy.

"Of the 10 electorates that stood most firmly behind the monarchy, nine were Queensland seats - including Wright, which also covers parts of Ipswich.

"Federal LNP candidate Teresa Harding said she supported Australia's form of government and saw no reason it change it.

"But Labor MP for Blair Shayne Neumann said he thought it was time Australia had its own head of state and believed the change was inevitable."
The survey result reflects Queensland's loyalty to the Crown. In the 1999 referendum 62.56 percent of the Queenslanders said No to a politicians republic. They rejected the model, which was overwhelmingly endorsed by the republicans at the 1998 Constitutional Convention.

Australian Referendum on the question: Do You Approve of the Establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia as a Republic with the Queen and Governor-General being Replaced by a President Appointed by a Two-Thirds Majority of the Members of the Commonwealth Parliament, 6th November 1999

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