Sunday, 5 August 2012

The republican scapegoat for a less successful Olympic dream

Australia is suffering the blues, the Olympian blues. Instead of a rain of gold medals, the Australian athletes managed so far to gain 1 gold, 12 silver and 20 bronze medals, too little for the big egos of the sports commentators. And especially embarrassing that in the overall ranking New Zealand is placed ahead of Australia!

But The Age told its readers in an editorial on 4th August the reason: Because Australia is not a republic and the members of our Royal Family cheer exclusively for British sportspersons. Sounds stupid? Yes, it is the most stupid republican idea that could cross one’s mind.
"The princes [William and Harry], however, evidently felt no conflict of interest; it was clear who they were cheering for, as it is when they attend England v Australia rugby matches at Twickenham. They are, after all, English. And although the Queen might have been less exuberantly partisan in her behaviour if she had been present at the regatta, it is inconceivable that she would have wanted any crew other than the British pair to win."
Isn’t it fantastic how The Age’s commentator could exactly say, what the Queen of Australia would want to happen? They should leave the media business and start an astrology firm if they know so well what other people have on their mind and what they would do.

And when the Princes William and Harry turned up at the Australian Channel Nine’s Olympic studio, The Age did not like that either. When the princes wandered “into the International Broadcasting Centre with the promise of a live interview, it's 1945 again and we're singing God Save The King at the cinema. ... Meanwhile, what did we learn from the interview itself? That William is not going to go quietly; so keen was he on praising Australia he was under the delusion we'd whacked the Yanks in the pool.” The Age is linking to the video with Channel Nine's interview anyway. Have a look!

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Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

ahahahahahaha, fantastics, the republican excuse sounds like a brit comedy sketch! LOLOLOL! By the way, ask the Age if this "principle" can be applied to the Jamaicans...