Monday, 26 July 2010

The Age reports on the Queen's Flickr account in their typical style

When it came to reporting on The Queen’s new Flickr account, The Age just could not resist publishing the news not in a fair and neutral manner, but with its usual barbs against the Royal Family:

"Queen Elizabeth II is joining other proud parents starting Monday in showing off and sharing her photo albums — and those of the House of Windsor — on the online Flickr photo site.

"But don't even think about sharing any thoughts on the site about how
Prince Charles might look in his nappies. Users won't be able to leave comments on the photos."

The Age has been very selective when it comes to leaving comments under articles published on their website. There are only a few news items, where readers are allowed to comment - and the comments are moderated. In those cases that it is possible to have your say, there is a strict time window that closes very often after less than 24 hours.

Not noticing that you sit in a glass-house, dear Age?

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