Friday, 19 March 2010

Planning Destruction Minister Madden

While cities in Europe were destroyed in wars, especially in bombing raids during World War II, Melbourne is under major threat in peaceful times.

For once The Age found the right words:
It took barely the blink of an eye for Justin Madden to change the face of Melbourne. On Wednesday, the Planning Minister received a 57-page advisory panel report recommending in favour of the dramatic redevelopment of one of this city's most beloved landmarks, the Hotel Windsor.

Overnight, he read and ruminated on the report and his department's accompanying advice - also in favour of the revamp. Yesterday morning, he resolved to accept the advice. By 1pm he made his announcement. Done.”

Melbourne has lost so many historic buildings in the past couple of years, now this $260 million “overhaul” (aka vandalism) will destroy a major landmark, just opposite the Victorian Parliament building.

The RadicalRoyalist has already opposed the plans, when they were made public in August 2009. The strongest objections will not change anything, because the power of money is behind the decisions. Neither the public nor those responsible to preserve the Victorian heritage will change anything. Justin Madden, who considers himself a potential Premier has all it needs to get the top job in Victoria: he does not listen to people, just to mates and “political advisers”. The way to destruction lies open to him.

And what about the destruction of Westerfield Park, an environmentally unique area on Melbourne's south eastern edge... and for what ? A NEW FREEWAY!!


LAW Wells said...

Well, I guess you're just taking after Sydney. We've had those ugly Borg cubes cropping up here for a while now. Resistance is futile, or so they say.

Not to mention it's just like so many other "extensions" I've seen - it's another building that shares a door and a wall with the orignal one. No attempt to even retain any sort of stylistic resonance with the original.

My Dad's an architect, and he's done extensions on some of Sydney's older pubs. Heritage laws means he has to actually keep the style in line with the original building, even with some modern touches.

Development and extensions aren't in themselves bad. It's the idea that it needs to "stand out" that really sucks.

Still, be thankful that you don't have to deal with Paul Keating trying to redevelop your old docklands. We've got him trying to make the Hungry Mile his little epitaph, and he's literally interested in sticking a finger up at Sydney with Lord Rogers' design for a hotel on a pier.

I've rowed up and down those docks. A pier there would leave me in a single scull at the mercy of the ferries.

Not that anyone every cared about rowers...

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Curious... one of the reasons that's why prince Charles is so attacked by the "concrete/press Mafia", it's due to his opposition to the destruction of the historical areas of the british cities. I wonder why...?

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Gigantic 8 meters Portuguese Royal flag hoisted today in the highest part of Lisbon.

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Easy. To avoid it, just change the hotel's name. From Windsor to Murdoch.