Monday, 17 August 2009

Monarchists replace republican flag in Lisbon

The Portugal News online reported that a Monarchist action group climbed to the town hall’s veranda and replaced the municipal flag with the Royal flag.

‘Armada 31 Movement’ did this at midnight, but what would such an action be without a video on YouTube?

So everybody can watch the Monarchist guerilla action in the centre of Lisbon:

The swap took place under the veil of night, in the early hours of Monday morning, 10th August, and was only detected when the first town hall employees arrived. Meanwhile the municipal flag, which bears the city’s coat of arms, has disappeared.

Armada 31 Movement has already admitted to being responsible for the swap and said it was “much simpler than anyone could imagine”, entailing a handful of people, a three-metre ladder, and “some caution”, due to the amount of policing in the area.

The group described the incident as an “act of ideological guerrilla warfare” that intended to “reinstate monarchic legality”. They also claimed it was the first celebration of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the republic, which will occur on October 5th, 2010.

A friend wrote me that that the employees refused to take down the flag. Good people!

The Portuguese republicans are heading for disrupted centenary celebrations, it seems.


Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

This varanda is "sacred" to the "reps", because they've proclaimed the republic there, after the 1910 coup d'État. Well it was such a sacrilege.... it is equivalent of a muslim ayaytollah celebrating a ceremony in St. Peters catedral in Rome. LOL!

MadMonarchist said...

lol That's great, royalists making themselves known! Too bad they couldn't have got a bigger flag -the bigger the better in that case I would think. Interesting that the employees would not take it down. Must be some sympathy for the monarchy in Lisbon.

Nuno C said...

I say chaps, it was sweet and the most fun this country had in years!!! :D
Just to think of those old republican farts foaming in disbelief, ranting like mad ayatollahs, yes, it was totally worth it! Obrigado Darth Vaders do 31 da Armada!