Monday, 31 December 2007

Republics in Action
Two top news of 31st December 2007 from an African and an Asian republic:
Kenya: Mwai Kibaki, 76, showed a steely core by swearing himself in within an hour of being pronounced victor in an election denounced as fraudulent by opposition challenger Raila Odinga and questioned by international and Kenyan observers.
Kibaki now faces the momentous task of reuniting a country split pretty much down the middle by an election that has brought several dozen deaths, first during campaign rallies and then in an explosion of violence over the results.

Pakistan: The party of assassinated Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto named her 19-year-old son as its new leader Sunday and announced it would contest general elections set for January 8.
"My mother always said that democracy is the best revenge," Bilawal Bhutto told a chaotic press conference in the family's ancestral home in southern Pakistan.
At an emergency party meeting here, officials also named Bhutto's husband, Asif Ali Zardari, as co-chairman to assist Bilawal.

Do you remember, how the republican system was called in another blog? Rational and fair. The dynastic rule of the Pakistan’s People Party and the rigged presidential elections in Kenya are certainly proof how rational and fair that system works.

Of course we could switch sides and just do as the republicans do, whenever there’s a crisis in a Monarchy: Abolish the whole thing! Get rid of that 2,500 year old republic system, that didn’t work in Rome and certainly is not fit for any country in the 21st century to satisfy the needs of the people! Republics had their time, now we must move on. The change towards the Monarchy is inevitable.

And follow the republicans' own example: Don’t make the mistake to ask the people, just abolish it by simple parliamentary vote. Better: Do away with it by decree. Should you really be forced to hold a referendum, make sure you can paint your opponents as “unpatriotic”, ban them from using the media to transport their point of views on that matter. And once the republic is abolished, ban any political activities to get it back. Just like Comrade Prachandra said in the case of Nepal: “The monarchy will never make a come back in this country”. He keeps threatening to "punish" those who want a Monarchy.

Why bother about the wishes of the people? Republicans always think: "We know better what’s good for them." The Monarchists should adapt an attitude that reflects the thoughts of their republican opponents. 70 percent of the British want the Monarchy? Rubbish, the future is theirs, republicans claim. Deny the facts of such opinion polls, just as the Australian republicans do. Latest polls show only 45 percent want a republic (what model?), but in republican opinion pieces they give the impression as if 75 percent would support their idea. (“It was estimated that 75% of the population would have voted the royals out of existence [in the 1999 referendum].” They even make plans about the republic's inauguration ceremony for whenever their dreams may come true (The Sunday Age, 30th December 2007, “A call to armchairs”). Keep on dreaming!

So, I proclaim the republic of Pakistan a failed state. That’s even admitted by some Pakistani thinkers: The system adopted in 1956 has been unable to be modernised. It must be replaced by a system that functions better. A pretender could be a member of the former Muslim Mughal Dynasty that ruled large parts of India until the mutiny of 1857 and their deposition by the British. Or Pakistan could opt for a model that had been very popular in 19th century Europe: Import a new dynasty that has nothing to do with the internal fights and quarrels. A Pahlavi Prince could serve the country better than a military ruler or a member of the oligarch families that treat Pakistan like their fiefdom, their feudal property. The descendants of the Nizam of Hyderabad could be asked, after all, they lost their throne because they would have joined their state with Pakistan. Should someone be brave enough to accept the Crown of Pakistan, he deserves our support.

The same goes for Kenya that since the golden days of the quasi-Monarch Jomo Kenyatta has gone from disastrous presidential rules to civil unrest after every presidential race.

Make a sharp cut and get a Crowned head of state. Let the government and parliament do their job, but keep the highest position in the country outside party politics.

Get a King!

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masayuki said...

In my perspectives the only way for the old order to return you would need another great war. It was WWI that destroy the old orders, perhaps WWIII will restore them.
Blood is the only word these bastard republicans understand. Many monarchist have explain the defects of republican philosophies, yet after being defeated rationally by us they now choose to mock us with their childish mockeries / words.
Well I too quite good in mockery, for me republican are the most lowest life form ever created, they are the only thing created without having any purposes what so ever. And that fact makes them lower than maggot.

ps: I understand if you rejected this comment because of its hate content.